White Discharge Before Period – 6 Stages of Cervical Mucus Production and Five Pathological Variants

  1. In 2-3 days the dry period is followed by white thick discharge, which is also little suitable for comfortable fertilization.
  2. In another few days, the discharge tends to acquire softer structure – appearing in the form of milky white cream-like mucus.
  3. The next stage involves profuse liquid discharge.
  4. The “egg white” stage actually precedes ovulation. This period is marked by nutritive, sticky clear discharge and similar to the preceding two stages it is highly suitable for providing a favorable environment for the encounter of sex cells.
  5. White discharge before period becomes thicker following the ovum’s emergence from the follicle, in case conception does not take place. Its chemical composition changes under the influence of progesterone, which takes up the dominance in the second half of the cycle.

Pathological milky white vaginal discharge

Appearance of admixtures in vaginal discharge; bad smell and changes in its consistency or intensity of production out of the cycle; as well as irritation of the skin and the mucous membrane of sex organs constitute a distinct symptom of a certain pathology.

Let us study five basic types of deviation from the norm.

  1. Curdy discharge. This type of white discharge before period occurs in the presence of fungal infection (thrush). Candida fungi are the most common incitant agents of mycosis, locating in various organs and systems. Fungal affection of the vagina assumes curdy discharge with acid, purulent smell, as well as significant swelling and reddening of vaginal mucous membrane.
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