Very Light Period

At fertile (fit for childbearing) age periods usually occur regularly and in due time. The only natural exception is pregnancy, at which endocrine profile undergoes rapid alteration and periods stop away. In some cases, however, there is a reason to wonder, what if I missed period but not pregnant? This condition can have two physiological backgrounds (pre-menopause or intake of hormonal contraceptives), three interim (stress, diet, climatic change) and 7 pathological causes. Read more..

Too scanty periods with dark-brown spotting are referred to as hypomenorrhea. It may be physiological at the point when the cycle is just being established, when it is coming closer to climax or is influenced by the intake of hormonal contraceptive drugs. Pathological causes, that induce hypomenorrhea, include congenital development disorders and acquired diseases, such as cervical cicatrices, adhesions in the uterine cavity, hormonal disruptions. Read more..

During one period a woman losses about 35ml of scarlet or dark-red blood. Brown spotting or pink mucus instead of a period may be explained by both congenital and acquirable factors. In order to determine the causes of scanty periods, it is first of all required to exclude the factor of adjustment to hormonal contraceptives. Read more..


“Light period” is a relative notion, because when it comes to menstruation, the norm and deviation are very individual and may range from a woman to a woman. Any menstrual disorder, accompanied by weakening of menstrual function, is referred to as hypomenorrhea. If your periods, all of a sudden are turning very scanty and you are a woman of 20-40 y.o., you need to find out the cause of your condition. Here are some ideas which may help you, but be aware that diagnostics can be done only with your gynecologist.

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