Women’s Top-5 Health Concerns

Women’s health is a definitely complicated system and unfortunately not enough care about ourselves leads to dire consequences. Let us find out what are the most widespread women’s diseases and pay attention to simple things needed to prevent them.

Heart Diseases

The most widespread reason of heart diseases, especially myocardial infarction, is narrowing and blockage of the veins that carry blood to the heart. İn period of menopause this risk rises. How to reduce the risk:

  • people with heart diseases should have more physical activities, as training increases heart rate;

  • balanced weight will be the best helper to your heart, as overweight complicates its functioning;

  • you need to fill your ration with healthy food, including vegetables, fruits, whole grain products with great amount of fiber, keeping mediterranean diet is encouraged.

  • necessary to avoid stresses, as they attack our immune system and cause enormous quantity of diseases  in human organism;

  • you should obligatorily give up smoking.


The most widespread type of cancer among women is breast cancer and lung cancer, at the same time they are the most fatal. Believing to researches some women have genetic predisposition to these diseases, but the majority of women doesn’t have this connection. How to reduce the risk:

  • smoking increases the risk that is why it is necessary to give up smoking;

  • scientific researches show that there is a group of products which protect from cancer, among them: nuts, different varieties of onions and garlic, brown algae, Japanese and Chinese mushrooms and many others. İn order to prevent cancer it is needed to fill one’s ration with these products;

  • less alcohol: proved that using alcohol leads to higher risks of breast cancer;

  • self-survey besides regular visits to doctor will help to identify cancer at early stage.


High blood pressure is a strong factor leading to insult. Risk is multiplied if anybody of relatives has coronary artery disease. How to reduce risk:

  • measuring a blood pressure more frequently will help to support a proper level of it;

  • using less salt is strongly recommended, as it provokes high pressure;

  • reduce quantity of saturated fat in food, as it provokes formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels;

Chronic Lower Respiratory Tract

Factors that provoke these diseases are air pollution and the higher mentioned smoking. How to reduce risk:

  • give up smoking and avoid sitting in the rooms full of smoke;

  • spend more time in fresh air and do breathing exercises which increase blood flow to the respiratory tract;

  • use only ecologically clean tools for house cleaning, try to reduce the usage of aerosols.

The Alzheimer disease

This is an irreversible and progressive disease. It gradually destroys memory and brain function. Scientists believe that the cause of this form of dementia is a combination of genetic and environmental factors, but the exact cause remains a mystery. How to reduce risk:

  • provide physical and mental activity;

  • nutrition. Eliminate from your diet foods high in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, and also limit the intake of sweets and salt;

  • complete rest. We need to ensure that the brain cells do not accumulate toxic proteins. If a person regularly sleeps less than 5 hours a day, their level is increased by 25%.

İt is always necessary to maintain healthy lifestyle in any age, that will guarantee the absence of illnesses acquired over a lifetime.