Very Light Periods With Dark-Brown Blood – Causes and Preventive Methods

Development anomalies may be corrected surgically, but unfortunately, correction is not applicable to congenital trisomy.

Acquired diseases – causes of very light brown spotting instead of periods

Periods can become scanty due to direct affection of the endometrial lining and its inability of proliferation, while preparing to pregnancy, and further “drop off” during a period; or due to technical impossibility of the blood’s discharge from the uterine cavity.

The above mentioned cervical stenosis is perhaps the last possible cause, which has a cicatrical nature. Chronic inflammation or previous surgical intervention may lead to excessive number of connective tissues and contraction of the cervical canal. There is no specific preventive means against this pathology. The only thing that can be done is protecting oneself from inflammations, induced by sexually transmitted infections, treating the revealed diseases in a timely manner, using birth control pills to prevent undesired pregnancy and to exclude abortions.

The same factors (inflammation, medical manipulations) can induce appearance of adhesions in the uterine cavity, while the mechanism of menstrual cycle disorders is not very different in nature – periods become scanty due to local atrophy of the endometrial lining. Whatever is the cause, preventive means against this situation are the same as in the case of stenosis.

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