Very Light Periods With Dark-Brown Blood – Causes and Preventive Methods

Such a nature of brown menstrual spotting is not threatening and does not require any medical correction. In some cases gynecologists may recommend the patient to pay special attention to her diet, using food, richer in vitamins and proteins. Women in premenopausal period can choose to artificially maintain their regular hormonal profile, by using certain products (such as soya or yam) or by taking special drugs.

At fertile age (favorable for fertilization) decrease of menstrual blood can be normal at the setting of hormonal contraceptives, which precipitate anovulatory cycles and affect the secretory (the one where it grows) phase of endometrium.

Pathological very light periods

We distinguish between two major categories of factors, inducing very light periods:

  1. Congenital anomalies;
  2. Acquired diseases.

The first group includes – genetic X trisomy anomaly (inappropriate number of sex chromosomes – 3 X chromosomes instead of 2), synechias (adhesions) in the uterine cavity, stenosis (contruction) of the cervical os. The first two conditions are accompanied by endometrial disorders, that is to say, reduction of the dimensions that influence the periods. The last condition – stenosis, appears in the form of a mechanical obstruction for the menstrual blood flow due to the blockage of the cervical canal.

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