Very Light Period: Why Can Your Period Be Extremely Scanty?

Light period means that menstruation is either very scanty, or lasts just one-two days. Sometimes less bleeding during menses is passed genetically. In such a case you may find out that your relatives, for example, a mother or a sister, also have the same light blood flow in every cycle and it`s normal. Moreover, women with such scanty periods are not infertile, they also have problem-free pregnancies and give birthto healthy babies. However, it is better to consult a doctor before trying to conceive, as there are other possible causes of very light periods, either joyful or unpleasant, for example:

  • Pregnancy.

If your period was delayed and finally turned out scanty, seek additional symptoms, which are common for successful conception. If there were such pregnancy signs, as morningsickness, breast tenderness, mild abdominal cramping, frequent urination, taste changes and a rise in basal body temperature, do a pregnancy test. Remember, that it can show the false-negative result in case the level of chorionic gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone) is too low to be detected. If you feel pregnancy-like symptoms even after your light period, try to take one more home urine test or do a laboratory blood test.

  • Hormonal contraception.

Both oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices (IUD) decrease such period characteristics as its abundance and duration greatly. That is exactly the reason why light period may appear. Besides, with the intrauterine spiral menstruation can cease completely. This symptom may lead to grave consequences, so if your period is missed and you are not pregnant for sure, don`t delay calling your doctor.

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