Stay-Healthy Tips for Women at 40

Statistics show that up to 60% of women relate to the figure of 40 with apprehension when it concerns their age. By the majority of middle-aged women this figure is undeservedly considered the beginning of anility. Though our age definitely impacts our organism, there is no reason to think that after 40 our life will get worse and worse within every year.

Let us determine some simple points to keep in mind:

  • Generally in the age of 40 organism becomes more vulnerable and the consequences of harmful habits begin to show themselves. The earlier you give up smoking, drinking alcohol and overeating the better for you.

  • At 40 it is recommended to pay strong attention to your weight. İt is not only the quantity of food you need to control, furthermore you need to be selective to its quality. Thought a visit to a restaurant is a common thing to all of us, we should remember that most of dishes contain too much salt, fat, sugar and calories. The best food is fresh fruits, vegetables and water.

  • İt is known that balanced diet will help you to get everything needed to your organism. But  we have a dynamic lifestyle which doesn’t allow us to pay proper attention to the food we eat. Fortunately, scientific researches solved this problem by inventing vitamins, so you can easily include vitamins to your ration. As a matter of fact there is plenty of organic vitamins of high quality which in natural way support our health, among them:

    • Vitamin D and calcium which are extremely important for women in the period of menopause, as exactly in this period women are very susceptible to bone fractures;

    • Co-enzyme Q10 which is not produced by our organism but is very necessary to it. This vitamin is also called vitamin of youth, as it keeps our skin young;

    • Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are extremely important to our circulatory system and prevents heart diseases;

  • Another important thing is your attentive attitude to injuries and cold. During our young years we sometimes pay not enough attention to injuries and cold. But after 40 they require rather more attention, so you should always keep in mind that prophylaxis is the best treatment. Scientists also recommend to measure blood pressure, the level of sugar and cholesterol in your blood on a regular basis. Disclaimer of salt and caffeine, regular physical training and maintenance of normal weight is of vital importance.

  • A middle-aged woman, who desires to be healthy and beautiful should accustom herself never sacrifice sleep. Sleep is a recovery process which is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. Problems at work, conflicts with grown up children, the psychological boundary of the “middle-aged”, as a result you are in a constant state of emotional stress. Therefore, it is necessary to rest – at least for 15-20 minutes every three hours and have a restful sleep at night.

Summing up all the above-mentioned, we can easily ensure that the measure in which age affects our  lifestyle and our health depends on genetics for 10 % and on our attitude for 90%.