PMS Symptoms but No Period – Pregnancy, Norm or Pathology?

Pregnancy is the classical condition of having no period

When following fertilization of the ovum and its adhesion to the mucous lining of the uterus, childbearing gathers some pace, rapid hormonal transformations in the organism can provoke symptoms, which are very much like period symptoms. Particularly, women may experience mood swings, changes in the libido, food cravings, chronic fatigue or weight fluctuations.

At that, it doesn’t matter (on a scale of endocrine regulation) whether it is the case with normally developing pregnancy or for example a hydatidiform mole – pathology, which involves ovum’s development without an embryo. Another pathology involves adhesion of the fetus not to the uterine wall, but for example to the tube. The clinical picture in early stages is similar to that of the previous case – the delay of period can be preceded by the above-mentioned symptoms.

In order to dispel doubts, you can consult a gynecologist or take a home pregnancy test on the first day of the “overdue” period.

Pathological conditions, which are accompanied by PMS but no period

After excluding the version of pregnancy, other causes of the delay can be considered:

  • Corpus luteum cyst is a nonmalignant swelling of the yellow body, which is actually nothing else but the follicle after ovulation. Apart from a delay, it comes out in abdominal pain and can be complicated with twisting or abruption. This pathology usually requires hormonal medication;
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