Gel-Like Discharge: 5 Signs of Normal Cervical Secretions

How Does Your Vaginal Discharge Change During the Menstrual Cycle?

The amount of vaginal secretions and their consistency are conditioned not only by your health, but also by the phase of the menstrual cycle as well. Right after period cervical mucus is thick and whitish. It indicates the beginning of the new menstrual cycle and non-fertile days. Each day vaginal secretions become thinner and clearer.

The most abundant vaginal discharge occurs when your ovulation is about to start (in the middle of your menstrual cycle). This means that you are ready to conceive and your organism prompts you the time you are the most fertile. Because of this gel-like discharge the egg has more chances to be reached by the sperm and to be fertilized. After ovulation vaginal secretions become creamy and before period look like thick sticky clots.

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