Clear Stretchy Vaginal Discharge: What Is It?

Clear vaginal dischargeVaginal discharge in women changes its appearance throughout the menstrual cycle. It happens because of various non-stop physiological processes, which aim to prepare the woman`s body for conception. What exactly changes about your vaginal secretions? First of all, their consistency and amount. Besides, various conditions may influence the discharge`s color and odor as well. The occurrence of unusual vaginal secretions usually puzzles a woman. Are these changes a sign of a disease or a variant of norm? What about clear stretchy vaginal discharge, is it normal or not? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Stretchy Vaginal Discharge and Its Variations

Normal vaginal discharge is mucous, slightly cloudy and not too abundant. Actually, it can`t be absolutely clear because it contains a lot of admixtures, such as: cells of vaginal epithelium, lymphatic transudates, cervical mucus, microorganisms and secretions, produced by sweat and sebaceous glands. Vaginal discharge is characteristic of all women of childbearing age. It`s appearance proves everything is okay with the reproductive system.

Normally during the day secretions acquire a yellowish hue on a panty-liner. However, at the time of ovulation, approximately on the 12-16th day of the menstrual cycle, the character and amount of vaginal discharge changes. It becomes stretchy, thin and clear, reminding the raw egg white. As for the amount, your ovulation discharge is more abundant than usually. “Egg-white” period lasts no longer than 2-3 days. This phenomenon is absolutely normal and doesn’t require any medical treatment. If you want to conceive, you may use this cervical mucus method to plan your pregnancy. To catch the most fertile days you need to track the characteristics of your mid-cycle vaginal discharge for several months. At the beginning of the cycle your cervical secretions are clear and scant, several days before ovulation they become more abundant and stretchy.

When clear discharge intensifies before sex, it is also normal. This happens because of the sexual arousal or after orgasm. However, vaginal secretions in healthy women do not cause any irritation, itching or discomfort. If you still doubt whether your cervical discharge is normal, it’s recommended to visit a gynecologist and do a vaginal swab. In case the amount of leukocytes is within the norm and bacilli predominate in flora, there’s no inflammatory process, so you may put your worries aside. Moreover, more abundant discharge is characteristic for STD. So, if you feel pains or itching several days and even weeks after unprotected sex, it can be ‘a present from Venus’.

There’s also no reason to worry if after ovulation, in the 2nd phase of the cycle, your discharge is getting scantier and acquires a cream-like consistency. Two-three days before period such secretions may get more profuse. If clear stretchy mucous discharge has no unpleasant odor, you are healthy. If there are some additional symptoms, not experienced previously, you need to consult with a specialist.

Clear stretchy vaginal discharge can appear during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester and before labor. In the former case, such secretions are produced because of the hormone level changes in the woman`s organism. In the latter case stretchy discharge appears from the mucus plug. This symptom can be treated as one of the precursors to labor. Sometimes these mucous secretions can be mixed with blood. In such a case it is better to consult a doctor and to prepare for oncoming labor.

One more reason for having clear, but heavier discharge is climate conditions change, hormonal therapy and, perhaps surprising for you, a new sex partner.

Abnormal Stretchy Discharge

Clear stretchy vaginal secretions can be abnormal, if:

- they are mixed with blood drops or brownish clots;

- they are too abundant and appear on a daily basis for a long time;

- pain in the lower abdominal area is felt;

- you feel lightheadedness or have acute deterioration of health;

- they have foul odor;

- they become white, greenish, yellowish or even grey;

- you feel any discomfort in the vaginal area;

- you have a high temperature.

The phenomenon of the unpleasant smell or fish-like odor must be described separately. In most cases it’s a symptom of bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted infections. When vaginal discharge is getting abundant, changes its color to rich yellow or greenish, the unpleasant odor must definitely alarm you. Visit a gynecologist as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis or eliminate your worries.

If your discharge is clear and stretchy, but you feel itching in the vaginal area, you may have yeast infection. In such a case you can also notice white coating or small bumps on labia. The skin around the vulvar area may become red, irritated and dry. Sometimes the appearance of itching pimples is possible. Discharge can become cottage cheese-like, but not always. Stretchy clear secretions in great amounts are also characteristic for yeast infection. Similar symptoms can be triggered by bacterial vaginosis andtrichomoniasis. To diagnose the real cause of your stretchy discharge have a gynecological exam and do a Pap test.

In general cervical discharge always depends on your physical condition and the state of your reproductive health. Vaginal secretions, which are clear and stretchy, are normal before ovulation and after fertile days. In case the amount of your discharge for a long time is more than a teaspoon in 24 hours, if its color is brown, green or yellow, if there are lower abdominal pains, discomfort during sex and urination, itching, reddening and burning in the vuvlovaginal area, you have a weighty reason to make an appointment with your gynecologist. All these symptoms together and each of them individually indicate some problems with the reproductive system. Don`t let the things run themselves, take care of your health!

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