Pink Discharge

Normally, vaginal discharge is either transparent or white. Light-pink discharge after menstruation is a result of slight bleeding. It may be caused by ovulation, implantation or adjustment to a new type of contraceptive means (physiological reasons), while it can also be provoked by a number of pathological factors. Read more..


Pink mucus is an admixture of fresh blood in cervical mucus. Most women have dealt with such a symptom and wondered what may stand behind it. Of course, the diagnosis cannot be made online, however, knowing more about your physiology and typical symptoms of common gynecological conditions may help to understand whether your situation is normal or not. We are going to look into the question why pink vaginal discharge may occur and what you can take it for. Read more..

Spotting two weeks after period often confuses a woman, since she understands it’s too early for a period. Sometimes no threat stands behind such a phenomenon and it can be easily explained. In other cases gynecological consultation and probably medical correction are needed. Which one is your case? Certainly, no conditions are diagnosed online. But you may get some ideas which will help you to understand what to do next. So, read on. Read more..

blood clots during period

This article is written specially for women and girls, who wonder whether blood clots they are having during menstruations is a normal thing. In reality such a phenomenon to a greater or lesser extent occurs in all menstruating women. If you look through information about blood clotting, available on the Internet, you will see, how highly controversial this topic is. Some authors claim it’s a norm, while others insist it is definitely pathological. You can even come across opinions that thickened blood masses happen during menses due to hormonal imbalance or problems with coagulation. We will try to cover this issue broadly and explain why clotting is normal and in what cases you need to be alarmed. After reading this article you will have a complete clear understanding on how to react to the mentioned specific symptom. Read more..