Clear Discharge

Vaginal discharge usually performs vital roles in a female’s body. Bacteria and dead cells are cleaned by vagina through the fluid discharge. A healthy vagina naturally removes insanitary substances to prevent any harmful infections. A normal vaginal discharge during ovulation has no smell and is mostly white in color. The release amount varies from one woman to another.

Many times, women fear when they see such a discharge from their body. They misunderstand it to be a disease. You got nothing to worry about it, if the discharge is not smelling bad. Nor you have to feasr about anything, it is whitish in color.

You can handle the discharge, by cleaning it properly. Use slightly warm water to clean it. Females experiencing vaginal discharge are recommended to wear cotton panties. Regular exercises and healthy diet will keep this condition under control.

Different color of discharge:

  • White: If you are experiencing white color discharge during ovulation, that doesn’t smell or accompanied by severe pain and irritation then it’s perfectly normal and healthy. If the discharge is stretchy and clear in nature, then it is the indication that the lady is ovulating.
  • Brown: During ovulation a female can experience spotty brown discharge. The Brown color discharge comes out straight after the period ends. If the brown discharge is not smelly or has slight odor, then it’s normal. However it is recommended that you get the medical checkup done.
  • Watery: If you regularly visit the gym and perform hard exercises, then you are likely to experience watery vaginal discharge. If you are regularly experiencing such discharge then its perfectly normal. Just keep the vaginal area clean.

When need help?  

If you are feeling slight pain in your lower abdomen and experiencing dark yellowish color smelly discharge, then you need expert gynecologist help. The dark discharge can due to the consumption of anti-pregnancy medications. Talk to your doctor and discuss the matter as soon as possible. Avoiding the symptoms can lead into serious health problems.

Worry or relax?

Most women in their reproductive age experience vaginal discharge during ovulation. It’s normal, as almost every woman experiences this. However if you feel something weird or not natural, instantly contact medical experts. No need to fear. Even if this condition is completely curable, you should not take it lightly. Never try to ignore the condition as it can get serious if unattended.

It is quite understandable that you feel shy and don’t want to talk such condition even with a doctor. It should be realized that time will not heal the condition and without any medical assistance it will go worse. Hence, sooner or later, you have to see a doctor.


Doctors will suggest you to stay clean all the time. A vaginal discharge during ovulation can be easily treated. If the condition is chronic, then experts suggest various anti-biotic medications. Don’t wait until the condition gets chronic. Seek the medical assistance instantly and stay fit and healthy.

Expel of fluid present in vagina is a normal biological occurrence, which is experienced by every women. The discharge amount, odor, and color depend upon various factors. In some cases it might be thick, thin, and stringy. Some of the common colors are white, cream, yellow, and green.

It is generated by glands present in vagina and cervix region. These fluids throw out the dead cells and harmful bacteria away from body. Women feel it to be a taboo and don’t prefer to talk quite often about it.

Vagina is a way out linked to the inner reproductive organs. The pH balance of vagina is little acidic in nature, in order to prevent any kind of infection. The main function of this pH balance is to keep the area clean and protect it from bacterial infection just like how saliva does it for your mouth. It does not let the harmful chemicals present in the soap and others to harm the area. In short, it helps in maintaining hygiene of inner sexual parts.

Occurrence of discharge of vaginal essence:

It happens mostly at the beginning and end time of menstrual cycle. The quantity increases while ovulation, breast feeding, or when sexually aroused. The smell varies due to personal hygiene or pregnancy. It may sometimes have white flecks.

The normal discharge occurs due to:

  • From the starting of menstrual cycle.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Deficiency of nutrition.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Usage of medication.
  • Intake of birth control pills.
  • Sexual arousal.

Culprits causing abnormality of white vaginal discharge vary one woman to another. It varies in terms of smell, color, and the quantity expelled out. The causes for such dysfunction are numerous.

Some of the main causes are:

  • Medications such as antibiotic, steroids, and birth control pills.
  • Bacterial vaginosis is an ailment for the bacterial infection that is commonly present in pregnant women who loves to have sex, even at this time. It turns the white vaginal discharge into yellow or gray.
  • It is one of the symptoms for cervical cancers.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia.
  • Diabetes
  • Infection due to scented soaps and lotion.
  • Occurrence of pelvic allergy after surgery or pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  • Trichomoniasis is a parasitic infection transmitted to women’s body while having unprotected sex.
  • During menopause vaginal atrophy is often suffered by older woman which leads to thinning, drying of vaginal walls.
  • Vaginitis leads to irritation in or around the vaginal area.

Diagnosis becomes essential when there are signs of discolor, fishy odor with irritation or itching in the vaginal parts. Your physician will surely recommend the best medicines that will cure you completely. However it is recommended that you take complete rest at this time.

Ways to prevent abnormality in vaginal discharge:

Yeast infection is treated by taking antifungal medication that can be easily purchased from the medical stores. You can get rid of bacterial irritation with antibiotics. Having good nutritious food and lot of fluid will cleanse your body in normal way and give you energy to fight bacterial infections.

Avoid intake of alcohol or indulgence into sex, while having the treatment. Never scratch the vaginal parts, while suffering from its infection.

Watery vaginal discharge is common, and it is the sign of good balance between healthy yeast and bacteria in vagina. After working out, the amount of this fluid increases, which is quite normal. This watery discharge throws out the bacteria growing in the vagina along with the dead cells. It also flows out when a woman is aroused or not ovulating. If the white discharge is accompanied by foul smell then it is the indication of vaginitis.

A number of factors affect the consistency of vaginal discharge. As long as there is no discomfort or foul smell in the watery vaginal discharge, there is nothing to worry about. After exercise many women notice that the amount of discharge increases and hence they use panty liners. However, the problem can be easily treated with proven and prescribed antibiotics by any medical professional. These drugs are administered vaginally or orally.

Why this watery vaginal discharge is essential:

  • The vagina is a passageway, which connects the inner reproductive organs to the outside of the body. The discharge of the vagina is quite essential.
  • Vaginal secretion is similar to saliva. Healthy vaginal secretion is responsible for cleaning and regulating the pH of the vagina.
  • Any interference with the vaginal environment may lead to infection.
  • The vaginal discharge is common among all women and it varies from cloudy white to yellowish on clothing.
  • Various causes are associated with the change in colour. It may be due to improper nutrition status, stress, and unbalanced menstrual cycle, long term use of contraceptive pills, pregnancy or due to stress.
  • These signs of vaginal infection can be identified from its colour, odour, texture and a feeling of any discomfort.

Major causes:

  • Generally, watery flow from the vagina is common among women and it takes place in different parts of the cycle. Is not a sign of any problem and the main reasons for this out flow are:
  • Flow is heavier after exercise.
  • If watery discharge takes place before menstruation then it means the uterine lining is being cleared. This keeps the vagina healthy and clear.
  • Long term use of contraceptive pills and steroids is another main reason for the increase in water flow. It may lead to decrease in the thickness of the discharge.
  • Watery discharge after ovulation helps the sperm to reach the egg and increases the chances of conception.
  • During pregnancy high level of estrogen and blood flow towards vagina are common causes of this watery flow. During pregnancy, the flow is odour less, sticky and visible.
  • Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease and a foamy vaginal discharge is the symptom of this disease. This infection is caused by a single celled organism and can be treated with medication.
  • If this watery vaginal discharge is accompanied by foul smell then it is the sign of a problem. In case of bacterial vaginitis, the discharge depends on the causative bacteria. Other symptoms associated with this infection are itching, burning and redness. The infection can be easily treated with antibiotics.