Brown Stringy Discharge: 6 Possible Causes

Women usually have brown secretions of lighter or darker shades at the end of their period and possibly at the beginning of it, which is normal in most cases. However, remember that brown discharge, associated with period, is never stringy. If your cervical mucus before or right after menstruation becomes bloody and stretchy, you need to make some tests to ensure everything is right with your reproductive system. Usually the pelvic examination, internal and external, and a pap smear help to eliminate all the worries. Sometimes the ultrasound check is also needed.

Generally speaking, stringy vaginal discharge is a normal thing, inherent to the female reproductive cycle. However, everything depends on the time it appears. Stringy discharge between periods, for instance, can be a sign of ovulation. When an egg comes out of the ovary, the organism tries to create the most favorable conditions for future fertilization. The amount of cervical mucus increases a lot. If you are at the middle of your cycle (12-18 days after the last menstruation) and additionally feel abdominal cramps or breast tenderness, stringy discharge can signify the time you are most fertile.

Another reason of stretchy cervical mucus is connected with your sex life. Remember, when you are sexually aroused, the amount of your vaginal discharge increases. Moreover, its consistency and color can change because of additional lubricant substances you use. Some of them can even trigger allergic reactions, which can result in itching and redness in the vaginal area, foul odor and unusual consistency of the discharge.

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