Blood Clots During Period: Top 7 Causes of Menstrual Clotting

Pay attention! If the amount of blood, excreted during menses, exceeds 80 grams per day, your bleeding is dangerous! How to determine the amount of blood lost during a day? Weigh a clean sanitary pad and then a pad you have just used. Find the difference between two numbers, write it down. Next sum up figures, you’ll get during 24 hours. Contact your gynecologist as soon as possible if your menstruation turns out to be too profuse.

Blood Clots When You Are Planning a Pregnancy

This is the case that should alarm you. Blood clots during period may indicate a miscarriage in the first trimester. Besides, the coagulums in this situation may look specifically. Their color is usually slightly yellowish or grayish – a sign that the fertilized egg has been rejected and discharged along with blood. Unfortunately, it is impossible to save pregnancy under such circumstances. However, if you have blood clotting during your menses and suspect it appeared due to unsuccessful conception, you have a weighty reason to visit your gynecologist. Such problems may occur because of the underlying gynecological condition, which provokes miscarriages.

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