Сlear Jelly Discharge: When To Expect & How To Understand?

Cervical mucus is a substance, produced by uterine cervix. It fills cervical channel. Depending on the phase of your menstrual cycle, cervical mucus changes its texture and consistency.

- In the beginning of the cycle the mucus is very thick and dense. It blocks the cervical channel, preventing penetration on pathogenic microorganisms inside. Now a woman won’t see any vaginal discharge on her pantyliner. That’s why the very first days of the cycle are referred to as “dry” days.

- The next days some thick clumpy discharge is possible.

- Further, day by day the mucus is getting thinner. By the day of ovulation it looks like a raw egg’s white, clear and stretchy. This is how nature takes care of conception, providing favorable conditions for sperm cells, which are moving along the paths made by cervical mucus towards their target. Besides, ovulation discharge serves a good service to spermatozoa thanks to its alkaline medium that protects them from acidic medium of the vagina.

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